Chamomile Flower Tea

€ 2,75

Calming chamomile flower tea: Give yourself a moment of rest with a cup of calming chamomile flower tea, with specially selected chamomile flowers to hydrate your body after a long day. Dehydrate your body with this warming chamomile flower green tea to bring peace and relaxation.

Characteristics of this chamomile flower green tea:

  1. Providing dehydrating energy with a sweet flavour infused into each cup.
  2. Each pyramid tea bag Individually enveloped.
  3. Caffeine Free.

Ingredients: Green Tea , Chamomile Flowers

Nutritional Facts per 100g
Energy (kcal) 2.92
Protein (g) 0.00
carbohydrates (g) 0.20
Total fats (g) 0.00
Cholestrol (g) 0.00

* Approximate Values


  • 1. Kook vers water (100 C).
  • 2. Laat de rozenthee bij voorkeur 6 minuten trekken, zodat de natuurlijke smaak zich volledig kan ontwikkelen.
  • 3. Slow down en geniet van deze speciale thee, precies zoals jij het lekker vindt.